Steps for Creating a Lasting Muslim Marriage

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The number one Muslim dating website, muslims4marriage, offers men and women a way of connecting with potential life partners. Bringing couples together for friendship, dating, and marriage, muslims4marriage enables quality communication among people who share similar values. Muslims4marriage makes it easy to create and update profiles, with photos kept private and password protected from casual visitors. Muslims4marriage emphasizes the importance of creating sincere and honest profiles that help others know who you really are.

Whether you meet your partner online at a dating website or through friends and family networks, creating a successful Muslim marriage begins with respect. Work on your ability to look beyond faults and occasional bad decisions, and stay constant. Being patient with your significant other pays large dividends over the years, as you learn to recognize the small things that create bonds of compassion and allow you to grow together. Show your spouse appreciation each day in various ways in order to indicate that you never take him or her for granted.

Working hard to provide for your spouse and your family is fundamental to all successful relations. At the same time, remember to laugh and take time to enjoy the lighter moments of life, which provide memories that last a lifetime.


Five Tips for Protecting Yourself When Dating Online

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Designed for user-friendliness and easy navigation, helps members of the Muslim community connect with other single men and women. While Muslims4Marrriage works hard to screen potential members for quality and respectability, it is wise for users of any dating site to watch out for those who would seek to take advantage of people looking for potential partners. The following tips focusing on safety are useful.

1. Limit personal information. Withhold intimate details about your life that make you easy to locate or identify, such as your home address, phone, and full name. After you meet offline and develop a level of mutual trust, you can then consider exchanging more information.

2. Avoid message attachments. Email attachments may contain computer viruses or malicious spyware that can pose a threat to your computer, or worse, collect personal data about you without your knowledge. Unless you possess reliable virus-detection software that can identify threats, do not open attachments from online suitors.

3. Restrict photos used on dating websites. You might want to consider using a few photos of yourself exclusively for online dating profiles, rather than pulling photographs or selfies used on other social media accounts. Using photos or selfies posted on your Facebook or Twitter may make it easier for someone to locate you, which can become problematic if someone suspicious pays attention to you.

4. Learn the common warning signs coming from potential partners. These include wanting to meet in-person immediately, or conversely, constantly putting off offline meetups, and requesting large amounts of money to address a personal crisis.

5. Use caution when meeting in-person. Take precautions when arranging to meet for the first time. Choose a populated public meeting place and avoid going off alone with the person until you can ensure their identity matches up with who they claim to be.

Relationship Success Tips for Newlyweds

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For newlyweds, the wedding day truly is the first day of the rest of their lives. The coming months are foundational in establishing the tone of the relationship, and in setting expectations for the future. Experts recommend that newlyweds consider the needs of the relationship each day, a commitment that includes scheduling time together to talk.

A 2014 survey asked experienced couples what advice they would give to the newly married. Regular conversation topped the list, while compromise came in second. Couples were diligent in reminding newlyweds that marriage has its good moments and its challenging moments, and that the most important element in getting through it all is to keep working on the relationship. This is particularly crucial in the first year, when newlyweds must learn to collaborate with each other to solve problems. By trusting each other and the marriage, a newly married couple can learn to turn to one another in years to come.

Tips for Second Date Conversations

At, users seeking a relationship can view others’ profiles and message those who they feel may be a good match. Muslims4Marriage members regularly meet for dating as well as potential long-term relationships.

The second date can be a key moment in a new relationship. The first impression has come and gone, and both parties begin to truly get to know each other. To paint yourself in the best possible light, experts suggest showing an interest in the other person. If you remember a particular element of your first-date conversation, bringing it up can show your potential partner that you listen well and remember things about them.

The second date should also involve learning new things about the other person and offering information about yourself. You can get the process going by thinking of things that you need to know about a potential partner, and by asking questions to get the answers. Asking the questions in a genuine and interested manner can keep the process from feeling like an interrogation. Similarly, by offering new information about yourself, you help to spark the other person’s interest and make the individual feel your genuine interest in him or her.