Muslim View of Marriage

Muslims4Marriage pic

Muslims4Marriage, an online dating site, aims to bring Muslims together in the hopes of establishing healthy and beneficial relationships. Through Muslims4Marriage, anyone can find love, happiness, and marriage, no matter where they live in the world.

In Islam, marriage is viewed as a religious duty that is encouraged for believers. Marriage is a moral and legal means of developing a relationship with the opposite sex for procreating and building families. Muslim beliefs honor marriage as a solemn and sacred union that is beyond the physical. Marriage is viewed not only as a contract of commitment between two people, but as a contract to which Allah is witness.

Moreover, The Holy Qur’an contains multiple verses and passages pertaining to marriage and family. Accordingly, the Prophet Muhammad said that when Muslims marry, they have fulfilled a big part of their religious devotion and duties. There are several moral principles to be observed by men and women who plan to enter into marriage, as well as guidelines to be followed regarding the actual marriage.


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