Five Tips for Protecting Yourself When Dating Online

Muslims4Marriage pic

Designed for user-friendliness and easy navigation, helps members of the Muslim community connect with other single men and women. While Muslims4Marrriage works hard to screen potential members for quality and respectability, it is wise for users of any dating site to watch out for those who would seek to take advantage of people looking for potential partners. The following tips focusing on safety are useful.

1. Limit personal information. Withhold intimate details about your life that make you easy to locate or identify, such as your home address, phone, and full name. After you meet offline and develop a level of mutual trust, you can then consider exchanging more information.

2. Avoid message attachments. Email attachments may contain computer viruses or malicious spyware that can pose a threat to your computer, or worse, collect personal data about you without your knowledge. Unless you possess reliable virus-detection software that can identify threats, do not open attachments from online suitors.

3. Restrict photos used on dating websites. You might want to consider using a few photos of yourself exclusively for online dating profiles, rather than pulling photographs or selfies used on other social media accounts. Using photos or selfies posted on your Facebook or Twitter may make it easier for someone to locate you, which can become problematic if someone suspicious pays attention to you.

4. Learn the common warning signs coming from potential partners. These include wanting to meet in-person immediately, or conversely, constantly putting off offline meetups, and requesting large amounts of money to address a personal crisis.

5. Use caution when meeting in-person. Take precautions when arranging to meet for the first time. Choose a populated public meeting place and avoid going off alone with the person until you can ensure their identity matches up with who they claim to be.


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