How Online Dating Can Benefit Muslim Women

Muslims4Marriage pic

The number one website for Muslim dating, singles, and marriage, provides a service for religious Muslims who are looking for a partner in the West. Founded in 2002, muslims4marriage is available across the US and Canada as well as in the UK and Australia, and it hosts thousands of singles seeking a partner who shares their faith.

Online dating has been especially helpful for Muslim women living in Western cities where Islam is a minority religion. Muslim culture is not always conducive to a Western style of dating, especially for women who may not drink or go out alone. Like people of any religion, Muslim women may practice anywhere on a continuum from devoutly religious to wanting to maintain tradition without an explicit religious practice. Exploring options online allows them to screen potential partners for their values and views on Islam, dating, and marriage.

Some Muslim men are looking for a kind of marriage where a woman is submissive and does not work outside the home. Many Muslim women living in the West may prefer to avoid these men, as the former do want to work and maintain their independence in a marriage. Just as in Christianity, sex before marriage is forbidden in traditional Islamic contexts. Some Muslim women may want to honor this dictum, and others may not. Online dating helps to narrow the huge range of possibilities within intrareligious dating and helps women take control of their dating lives and stay clear on what they want and do not want and which boundaries need to be in place before they meet a potential partner.


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