Important Discussions for Couples before Marriage

Muslims4Marriage pic
Image:, an online matching site, allows men and women to browse the profiles of potential partners. Muslims4Marriage works to help like-minded people find compatible spouses.

Before entering into marriage, both persons should be certain that they understand each other’s fundamental beliefs and values. This includes beliefs about money, as couples need to decide whether they will share finances and how they will make use of their financial resources. A couple should discuss financial goals and the strategies for meeting those goals, as well as each person’s career aspirations.

Professional aspirations may also affect the couple’s timetable for having children, if the couple plans to do so, and may influence decisions about child care. As parenthood is a deeply personal and long-term commitment, it is vitally important that both partners share a basic understanding of whether to engage in this commitment and when to do so.

Partners also need to know how each feels about family connections, and how each person’s upbringing has affected the way he or she sees the world. A couple may need to discuss how to maintain family traditions and how to involve extended families in future life events. Perhaps most importantly, both persons in the couple should know each other’s religious and moral values and how important those values are in daily living.


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