Relationship Success Tips for Newlyweds

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For newlyweds, the wedding day truly is the first day of the rest of their lives. The coming months are foundational in establishing the tone of the relationship, and in setting expectations for the future. Experts recommend that newlyweds consider the needs of the relationship each day, a commitment that includes scheduling time together to talk.

A 2014 survey asked experienced couples what advice they would give to the newly married. Regular conversation topped the list, while compromise came in second. Couples were diligent in reminding newlyweds that marriage has its good moments and its challenging moments, and that the most important element in getting through it all is to keep working on the relationship. This is particularly crucial in the first year, when newlyweds must learn to collaborate with each other to solve problems. By trusting each other and the marriage, a newly married couple can learn to turn to one another in years to come.


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