Signs of Marriage Readiness

Muslims4Marriage, listed online at, allows relationship-seeking individuals to post profiles and view others’ information. Muslims4Marriage focuses on the needs of Muslim men and women who are looking for dating opportunities and serious romantic commitments.

When a couple has been in a serious relationship for a length of time, one or both parties may begin thinking about marriage. It may seem like the natural outgrowth of long-term dating, but it is important to consider whether the individuals themselves are ready. Both parties first need to identify what they want out of the marriage and if the other person is ready to meet those needs.

Both individuals should have a clear idea of their own life goals as well as their partner’s aspirations. Couples should know whether each person wants children and what type of lifestyle each envisions. Experts also suggest that couples who intend to wed learn as much as possible about each other’s personal histories, as past behaviors and relationship patterns tend to indicate future tendencies.

Finally, it is important for a couple to have a strong mental and emotional connection. They should be excited about spending the rest of their lives together, as much or more than they are excited about a wedding. They should be willing to work through problems together and resolve issues as they arise, yet neither should expect or want to change the other. With acceptance and respect, a strong marriage can grow.


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