What to Look for Prior to Meeting an Online Date In Person

Muslims4Marriage is a user-friendly, members-only resource that is accessible through Muslims4Marriage.com. Muslims4Marriage aims to connect respectable individuals who seek serious relationships and matrimony.

A popular way to meet singles, online dating sites makes the process of meeting a potential date more approachable. According to Statistic Brain, more than 54 million people across the United States are single, and 76% have tried online dating. There are also studies showing that 33% of couples met online, and that number is expected to increase to 70% by 2040. With the online dating population so high, it is important for individuals to take precautionary steps to ensure their potential date is an ideal candidate for a relationship.

ComScore Networks conducted a survey about online dating honesty and gathered that more than 73% of people were truthful in their profile. Keeping this in mind, online daters should take enough time to converse with a person through e-mail and by phone to ensure their personality and personal information match what the person is looking for in a significant other. Online tools like Skype are ideal for meeting a person prior to connecting live in person. This offers privacy and gives two people the opportunity to carry out an audible conversation.

During an online meeting, a person should take note of voice tone, speech speed, and language use. Further, an online meeting is a good time for learning about another’s conversation etiquette and if he or she is capable of holding a conversation without talking over others and interrupting.


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