Questions to Ask a Potential Muslim Spouse

Muslims4Marriage, an online dating site, provides a platform for like-minded men and women to contact one another. At, users post profiles and contact information to encourage communication.

Marriage is a key element of the devout Muslim life. The Quran not only instructs believers to marry but also uses the imperative form of the verb, which indicates that married life is at least strongly urged if not required. It is therefore crucial for a Muslim man or woman to determine whether a person would be a good match in terms of life goals, family plans, and values.

Dating experts recommend that Muslim singles ask about a potential partner’s expectations of a future spouse as well as how he or she views the running of a future home. This includes beliefs and goals surrounding child rearing and the division of labor, both in child care and home maintenance. Potential spouses may also wish to ask about who will be in charge of finances and how much financial independence each party will have within the marriage. Muslim couples should also discuss the role that religion and faith will play in the home.


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